Skip Bin Content

How to Safely Store a Skips’ Contents

Skip bin hire services are something that many people may need from time to time, more so within the construction industry where proper waste management is a staple requirement. Not all outdoor bins will be properly housed within a building site and as the majority will be exposed to the general public, it’s very important to ensure that all contents are safely stored and kept between uses.

Failure to comply with safety legislations can result in severe fines and penalties, and if not adhered to properly the individual hiring may soon find themselves facing prosecution should any damage or injury occur. Here’s a quick guide to help you to maximise the safety of those that may have access to your rented skip.

Consider investing in a cover

Although not an obligation, it’s not uncommon to see bins fitted with heavy duty covers to ensure that all content stays inside and people remain outside. This can be very beneficial as far as protecting people from stray materials is concerned. Furthermore, if the cover is properly fitted and someone suffers an injury as a result of their own attempts to gain access, the person renting may not be liable.

Avoid leaving content within a skip overnight

To eliminate the risk of interior components putting passer’s by at risk, it may simply be a better idea to ensure that all contents are cleared after use. It’s never a good idea to load or unload a skip manually – in fact heavy duty machinery will be required, the majority of which can be hired from vehicle rental agencies. Alternatively, you may be able to book an expert to clear the contents for you and then return the skip.

Don’t deposit hazardous materials

Metal pipes and sharp objects are only half of the concern and there are many more that can arise from hazardous materials, such as oils, flammable liquids and even industrial-grade poisons (the types used by pest controllers and so on). Never dispose of these chemicals in a skip as they can leak, emit gases, or pose a general threat to those in the direct vicinity.

Always prioritise safety above all else. An unsafe bin can soon become a dangerous one, so it will always pay to spend a little extra time to ensure that all concerns have been properly addressed.